Key Members


Mr. Principal

Mr. Principal is sensitive to the needs of the student community and is attentive to the aspirations of parents and guardians. He believes strongly in the quality education and holistic development of our student body. With his aptitude, commitment, and counselling skills, he is certain to bring out the best in every student of BMS International Public School.


Mrs. Head Staff

In today's development and exchange of knowledge and information, individuals prosper, who are fluent in several disciplines and comfortable moving among them. Creativity, adaptability, critical reasoning, and collaboration are highly valued skills. When it comes to fostering those skills in the classroom, integrated study is an extremely effective approach, helping students develop multifaceted expertise and grasp the important role interrelationships can play in the real world.


Staff - BMS Interbational Public School

We aspire to develop the international market to bring in a cross-spectrum of students and staff from different category at BMS Interbational Public School. I am coordinating efforts for development of the school in all areas, integration of all stakeholders, as well as intellectual capacity building of our faculty.