Pranav Premkumar - Student

I joined BMS International Public School this year and have already enjoying the enthusiastic atmosphere here. We have a great school with good teachers and some amazing students. The teaching methods here are so innovative that we are able to avail practical understanding of theoretical topics in all subjects. The interactive smart boards make learning a very enriching experience. I get to learn arts, music, sports and get to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities. I love my school!

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Deepa Swamy - Parent

Just want to thank you immensely for the amazing work your team has been doing. I can see Sathvik improving day by day in his academics and his level of confidence. I can see that his marks are good and we are so proud of him. This is great; thanks to you all!

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Buddesh.A Kikani - Parent

Congratulations for the successful completion of another academic year at BMS International Public School. We are proud to be associated with BMS International Public School as Divya's first school. Divya fondly remembers his teachers and all his classmates. Thank you very much for your blessings and support throughout. We checked his IEO test results online and we are proud that he secured first rank in school and fourth in state. He could not have achieved this without your encouragement and belief in him.